A Healthy Life

We all know that a balanced diet is the secret of a healthy life. Here, at Boromir, we have designed and made over 250 products using personal and traditional recipes with modern technologies so that, with us, anyone can feel the taste of a good life.

The idea that bread is harmful in a rational alimentation is misunderstood.
Before eliminating it from your alimentation take into consideration that there is a multitude of types of bread out of which one might fit your needs. Bread offers a supplement of proteins, adds fibers to your diet, tones muscle mass through the supplement of quality carbohydrates along with healthy fat, vitamins and minerals.
Bread is the main source of complex carbohydrates, fibers and proteins.
Complex carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our metabolism, for our brain functions and our central nervous system.
Eating bread we modify the energetic supplement in our bodies. This is the reason why athletes know that it is important to eat bread or pasta before an intense effort.
Although bread has become a controversial subject, nutritionists recommend that it should not be absent from any meal.
Consumed in moderate quantities, bread has many benefits. Bread contains soluble fibers that modulate both the absorption of lipids, reducing the cholesterol levels and thus alleviating the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and also the absorption of carbohydrates, with an important role in fighting diabetes. Also bread contains insoluble fiber that facilitate intestinal transit (mostly whole-grain bread), preventing colon irritation and thus more serious dysfunctions caused by a diet low on fibers.
The combination of fibers and complex carbohydrates from whole-grain bread give out the sensation of satiety
for a longer period of time, reducing this way the quantity of food consumed during the day.
How is pasta prepared correctly?
When preparing pasta we need to keep in mind that exaggerated boil and adding oil in the water will cause an exaggerated increase in the quantity of carbohydrates in them.

This is why:
  • 1. Keep a balance between water and pasta. It is recommended to boil 100g of pasta in 1 liter of water.
  • 2. Salt is added into the water from the beginning.
  • 3. The pasta is only added after the water is boiling.
  • 4. Do not add oil into the water. You may a few drops of oil after the past have been boiled and dried.
  • 5. Boil the pasta less than normal. This way they will have a lower glicemic indicator which makes them healthier.
  • 6. Do not rinse the pasta with cold water.
  • 7. The sauce needs to be as simple as possible. Combined with tomato sauce, olive oil and basil leafs they form a perfect choice for a nutritional meal.