Boromir Pan Cafe

The specialized line of shops Boromir Pan Café (with surfaces between 50 and 150 square meters) represent a project launched in April 2008, based on the re-branding of traditional Boromir bakeries already existent in Rm-Valcea since 1996.

Boromir Pan Café is a coffee shop designed to offer clients traditional bakery, pastry and confectionery products, which next to a warm drink represent the perfect snack for any time of the day.

Boromir Pan Café shines through the concept of fresh: baking terminals placed in each shop so that the production of warm pastry and bakery products can be seen. The preparation of an ambient for eating allows the immediate consumption of our goods, all in an atmosphere specific to an European coffee shop.

Next to the concept of fresh, the quality level, born out of our respect for the tradition of baking, is the main attribute of our products. The natural ingredients, carefully selected, turn each product in a healthy source of energy.

Each Boromir Pan Café shop has its own personality, yet you can find the same warm and refined environment. The materials used are: wood, bricks and stone. The colors are harmonious with the wood and are highlighted by the warm light of the glazed lampshades. The oven completes the ambiance with an animation of the baking process and the pleasant smell of a warm product.

Boromir Pan Café is the place to rest your soul, between two roads in the daily rush, next to a cup of coffee and a golden croissant.

Boromir Pan Café satisfies its clients based on 3 concepts:

  • Natural ingredients and special Boromir flour for each type of products
  • The preparation and baking of products during the whole day for a maximum of freshness.
  • The creation of new recipes, for each season, for even the most gourmet taste.

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