• Public Relations Department

    Phone/Fax: 004.0250-734.428

  • Sales - Orders Department

    Group products orders : Phone/Fax: 004.0350-401.717
    (cozonaci, croissants, rolss, pretzels, pasta, ladyfingers)
    Bakery Products Orders: Phone/Fax: 004.0250-736.032; 004.0350-809.572
    Confectionary Products Orders: Phone/Fax: 004.0250-736.032; 004.0350-809.572
    Milling Products Orders: 004.0250-730.550

  • Export Department

    Export orders: Phone/Fax: 004.0350-401.717

  • Human Resources Department

    Phone: 004.0250-734.428 INT.103

  • Purchasing Department

    Phone: 004.0250-733.428 INT.124; 004.0250-736.698

Boromir IND SRL Rm. Valcea - central point

Address: Nr.2, Târgului, Rm. Vâlcea
Phone: 004.0250-734.428;   Fax: 004.0250.734.428

Boromir Prod SA Buzău

Address: Nr.37, Şantierului, Buzău
Phone: 004.0238-436.646;   Fax: 004.0238-446.705

Cibin Mill SA Sibiu

Address: Nr.70, Sos. Alba Iulia, Sibiu
Phone: 004.0269-229.651;   Fax: 004.0269-229.650

Boromir IND SRL Rm. Valcea - Deva Work Point

Address: nr. 4, Dr. V. Suiaga, Deva
Phone / Fax: 004.0254-218.963

Amylon SA Sibiu

Address: Nr. 70, Sos. Alba Iulia
Phone: 004.0269-217.722;   Fax: 004.0269-216.044

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