In this section you can find answers to questions such as: where can I buy and sell Boromir products, information about our products in the market, types of flour, durum wheat pasta.

Where can I buy the largest range of Boromir products?
Boromir products can be bought from the majority of supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialized and unspecialized food stores. For a complete product offer please have a look at our Contact section on www.boromir.ro or just contact one of our local representatives.
Where can I buy a special Boromir Cozonac (in a box)?
Our holiday and Easter Cozonac can be bought from any supermarket or hypermarket.
How can we become sellers or distributors for Boromir? (in the case of shops, en gross etc.)
You can find all the information about making orders and distributing Boromir products at our sales department.
How can we order Boromir products as a foreign customer?
Our sales department will offer all the information regarding the export of Boromir products.
What types of wheat do Boromir Mills produce?
The Boromir mills produce soft wheat, specific to temperate humid zones, which is used in baking, for pies and baking products. This wheat has a low count of proteins. Also Boromir mills durum wheat as well. The dough made from durum wheat presents an extended flexibility and firmness, making it perfect for the production of pasta. Compared to soft wheat, durum wheat contains large quantities of proteins and small ones of amidon and water.
What types of flour does Boromir produce and how are they obtained?
The degree of flour extraction represents the quantities of flour obtained from 100kg of wheat, which can be found under one or several assortments. The assortment is known as a flour type and is generally characterized by the ash contents or through a color marker. Along the classic flour, Boromir produces a line of special flours used for certain assortments of baking products and for pasta. These are presented in the section Produse Mor─ârit.
What is graham flour?
Graham Flour is a dietetic flour, the result of the grist process, containing nutritionally valuable parts of the grain: vitamins (especially group B), minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium) and fibers necessary to the human body.
Does Boromir produce pasta from durum wheat?
Yes. These are made under the brand Boromir, full durum wheat pasta, that don not leave sediments when boiled, do not stick while keeping their golden color and glassy look, and Giani pasta, short and long pasta made from a mix of soft and durum wheat.
What is fermentation?
Fermentation is the transformation in a loose mass, grown under the action of a fermenting agent; this is done under the action of natural fermenting agents, in specific conditions of temperature and humidity. The carbon dioxide formed in the dough under the form of blisters makes it grow and loosen up.