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Homemade Cozonac

March 26, 2012

At the end of 2010. Boromir prepared a special series of Cozonac for holidays : Homemade Cozonac with nut, raisins, orange parts and good whishes for all your loved ones.

Starting with 20th November, Traditional Brand Boromir Cozonac’s (Homemade Cozonac) can be found in shelves, in 1kg boxes and can be bought in hypermarket and supermarket networks all over the country aswell as in traditional trade shops.
Cozonac’s mean holidays. The Traditional Brand from Boromir is here to help people send happy thoughts even through the Cozonac they give to their loved ones: by writing your good wishes directly on the gift like box.
Along the Traditional Brand, The Boromir Clasic comes out with a new special wrapping for the holidays. The cardboard gift like box is purple and easy to find on shelves. Boromir Clasic is a brand based on folk recipes and contains four sortiments: Cozonac with Chocolate, with Nut Cream, with Nuts and Cocoa, respectively with Nuts and Raisins.
Boromir Cozonac’s are made with modern methods and equipment yet they maintain the traditional character of the process so that each Cozonac can bring the joy and spirit of Christmas. Their savor and aroma come from both the quality of the ingredients and the time dedicated to preparation.

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