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Pasca with cheese and raisins

April 02, 2012

The harmony of ingredients, the content rich in cheese and raisins, the shape and the appetizing scent make the Pasca with cheese and raisins one of the most pleasant culinary traditions. Pasca with cheese and raisins presents itself elegantly, respecting the round shape of the traditional product and following the style of its line, wrapped in a red gift box.

Pasca with cheese and raisins completes our collection of festive gift-type Cozonac such as our lines of Boromir Classic (with chocolate, nut cream, nuts and cocoa or respectively nuts and raisins fillings), Cozonac from Home (with nuts, raisins and chunks of oranges), Prestige (with nut, cherry and chocolate fillings) and Pasca Borormir already present on shelves (with rum chocolate, tiramisu and lemon fillings)

The Cozonac and Pasca from Boromir are made with modern equipment and methods while keeping the traditional character and taste, each bringing the spirit and joy of the holidays. Starting with 4th of April, Pasca with cheese and raisins is available in all the large commercial networks across the country.

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