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Pasta products are naturally made and have a positive role on a good functioning of the human organism. Here are our products branded Giani, which are short and long pasta made out of a mixture of soft and durum wheat. We have also pasta products branded Boromir made out only of durum wheat which leave no sediments after boiling, do not stick, keeping in this way their golden color and glassy aspect.
Boromir Pasta is sold also in boxes for collective consumption as follows:
- Short Pasta 5kg: spirals, snails
- Short Pasta with eggs 5kg: fusilli, cavatappi, spirals, cornetti rigatti
- Spaghetti 10kg
- Macaronni 7.5kg
- Thick Noodles 3kg
- Thin Noodles 3kg and 5 kg
- Vermicelli 3kg and 5kg