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Avoiding food waste

                In order to significantly reduce the amount of food wasted, in our specialized stores, Boromir Pan Café, Boromir products that are approaching their expiration date, benefit from immediate discounts, properly placed in designated areas. We also donate to various organizations and associations some of the products that are close to their expiration date so that they reach the homes of people who will enjoy them to the fullest.

                Each Boromir product is prepared from high quality ingredients, in which we have invested all our care and time. We make sure that every ingredient used in the preparation of products is carefully selected to provide our customers with a great experience. We also take all measures so that both our raw materials and consumables are correctly managed with the help of WMS, a software solution that offers the possibility to manage stocks in real time. All ingredients are ordered according to demand and historical sales analysis, so as to avoid food losses as much as possible.

                We are constantly optimizing logistics processes. We establish an efficient traceability system in terms of pallet management and, at the same time, we ensure that they are returned and reused in the best conditions.

                In the same spirit, we created the Boromir Blog that offers our customers unique ways to capitalize on food scraps. In order to integrate leftover food into new recipes, we thought of designing reinvented dishes with Boromir products, about which we offer more preparation and serving tips on our blog (

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