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Caring for Animals

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             We have always considered our clients as part of the large Boromir family, therefore, our permanent concern was and is to fully satisfy all their requirements, with maximum quality and professionalism. We strive to continuously improve our supply chain. We try through the high requirements addressed to our suppliers that is to get involved in protecting the hens that give us eggs, the farms that give us wheat, the cows that give us milk.

             Animal welfare is a priority for us and we are adopting measures to improve their living conditions.

             All handcrafted products in our specialized Boromir Pan Cafe stores contain eggs from hens raised on the ground and outdoors. Articles such as butter biscuits, Albino cake and Chocolate pricomigdales are presented in accordance with the message "Egg products from ground hens".

             We are committed to using only eggs from ground and outdoor hens by 2025 at the latest.

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